Benefits Of Using Hyperbaric Therapy

HBOT for Autism

Hyperbaric medicine treatment and hyperbaric chambers have yielded positive results after being used on patients suffering from a variety of conditions (autism, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, air embolism etc.) caused by the paucity of oxygen supply to various body parts. The benefits include healing of wounds and regeneration of cell and tissue matter.

Hyperbaric therapy will help to increase the concentration of oxygen in body tissues and organs. This in turn will improve blood circulation and repair and growth of new blood cells. Radical scavengers and internal oxidants will also be produced at an increased rate. Another benefit of HBOT therapy is the marked improvement in arterial expansion.

Hyperbaric treatment increases the production of white blood corpuscles which help to fight infections. HBOT therapy can also effectively kill anaerobes and prevents the generation of Pseudomonas.

HBOT therapy also promotes angiogenesis. It also prevents the excessive manufacture of a toxin called clostridial alpha. The level of pressure inside the chamber aids in the regeneration of neutrophil mediated antibiotics within the body which help in killing bacteria in hyposic tissues.

Hyperbaric chambers and hyperbaric medicine treatment have yielded the most positive results in patients suffering from brain damage, like autism, cerebral palsy, strokes and other head injuries. Scans conducted before and after HBOT sessions have shown marked increase in oxygen content in damaged brain cells and tissues.

Apart from encouraging the generation of stem cells to travel to damage body sites, HBOT therapy also helps in improving the condition of diabetic patients

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