Associated Health Issues Seen with HBOT Therapy

Just like every coin has its two sides, HBOT therapy has also demonstrated a number of issues over the years. It is quite a known fact that HBOT therapy is not something that is being used only recently. A number of diseases and illnesses have been treated with HBOT since a very long time, including autism, stroke, diabetic wounds, and so on.

problems with hbot

While results have been found to be very positive, we have seen a number of dangers that have been associated with HBOT as well, which is why it is always advised that hyperbaric oxygen therapy should only be administered under the guidance of certified and trained medical professionals, and a doctor.

A few incidents have pointed out that incorrect hyperbaric oxygen treatment may lead to health issues like seizures, myopia, ear injuries and even lung damage.

When a person is administered oxygen at amounts that are more than the normal amounts, they may experience seizures, as a result of excess oxygen in the nervous system and the blood vessels. It is specifically for this reason that the person undergoing HBOT treatments should be allowed to breathe in normal air for at least 10 minutes after 30 minutes of HBOT treatment.

Multiple sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy may lead to myopia or short sightedness if proper treatment procedure is not followed, and this effect can last for months! Moreover, improper pressure inside the HBOT chamber may lead to ear damage, like a ruptured eardrum, leakage of ear canal fluid and even permanent problems with hearing.

Inappropriate HBOT chamber pressure can also lead to lung damage where air tends to collect between the walls of the lungs and the chest. Barotrauma is another effect of inappropriate HBOT treatment that can create serious trouble for the patient undergoing therapy in a personal hyperbaric chamber.

All these problems can easily be avoided. Simply have the right people to guide you through the treatment. It is never a good idea to go for HBOT therapy treatment unless you have certified professionals and a doctor to assist you through such a session.

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