An Insight to Hyperbaric Treatments

HBOT for Autism

Studies reveal that in US, one of every 110 children is diagnosed with autism. While medical practitioners, doctors and therapists are yet to find a definite solution for curing Autism, hyperbaric treatments have been the prime agenda of discussion in many medical conferences and seminars. Many therapists, psychologists and doctors have conducted exclusive research and tried to find out the effectiveness of this treatment in reducing or eliminating the symptoms or the typical characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Hyperbaric therapy involves the process of pouring in pure oxygen into the human body, at higher pressure levels, which gets absorbed by the body tissues, helping the body to respond to medicines and antibiotic in a better way. Hyperbaric treatment is also known to enhance the immune system of the human body by charging up the White Blood Corpuscles. As a treatment of autism, HBOT is believed to reduce inflammation of the brain tissue, enhance cerebral blood flow and improve the hypo-perfusion state of the brain.

Some medical experts state that the oxygen-free radicals in developing brains tend to damage the brain cells and there are antioxidants that get attached to these radicals and balance the density. One such antioxidant is Superoxide dismutase and Autistic children suffer from low levels of Superoxide dismutase. Hyperbaric treatments help pure oxygen to flow into the brains and stimulate the superoxide dismutase formulation. Apart from this, this therapy is also known to improve the functioning of the mitochondria cells, develop new blood vessels and repair the barrier of blood flow to the brain.

As per the recent research hyperbaric therapy offers ray of hope by bringing in social, language, behavioral, communication and emotional development within the Autistic child. As per US Autism and Asperger Association, the autistic children who have completed 40 sessions of HBOT had witnessed remarkable improvements in cognitive awareness, social responses, communication as well as overall health. Hyperbaric treatments I however not suited for every child. It is a medical procedure and must be recommended by the doctors based on the typical medical conditions of the child. For instance, Autistic children who have sinus infections cannot go for hyperbaric treatment.

Medical faculties have not yet unanimously approved the role of HBOT therapies in treating Autism, but many parents state that they have seen impressive results evolve. Since there is no specified treatment for Autism, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one treatment that can considerably benefit an Autistic child and sketch a smiling curve on their parent’s faces.

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