Jenny McCarthy on Ellen – How autism can benefit from hyperbarics therapy

Jenny McCarthy on Ellen - autism and hbot

Studies have shown that children with Autism may have decreased blood flow through the brain, and more specifically, the sides of the brain.  This can be shown on a SPECT scan (a very special CT scan).  Less blood flow through the brain can be equated with decreased oxygen flowing through the brain as well, since one of the major roles of blood flow is to deliver oxygen to tissues.  By increasing the amount of oxygen carried by the blood stream (more specifically, the plasma), the greater opportunity for oxygen deprived…

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Durable & easy to set up compact HBOT chambers by OxyHealth, LLC

Compact HBOT

Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, OxyHealth is definitely the undisputed global leader in the manufacture of portable hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) chambers. Providing inroads into the medical profession, the OxyHealth designs have now made hyperbaric therapies accessible to many more users who need it. By keeping their focus on the previously unmet needs in the HBOT community, OxyHealth has forever changed how researchers and doctors provide care to the patients they treat and has transported this field of therapy to new heights with their state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers. Watch this…

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