Treatment and prevention of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning through HBOT

Carbon Monoxide also called as CO is an odorless or colorless gas produced by the unfinished burning of material containing carbon. It cannot be smelt or seen or tasted, but it can cause serious health issues or even death. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when a person inhales the gas either accidentally or intentionally. This gas has been referred to as silent killer. According to a report submitted by Center for Disease Control every year nearly 500 people die because of carbon monoxide poisoning and about 15000 people are being admitted to emergency wing every year in the United States alone.

Some of the symptoms faced by people affected by CO poisoning are:

·   Fatigue
·    Headache and
·    Nausea

It becomes difficult for the people affected by CO poisoning to identify that they are affected since the symptoms associated with it are very similar to common flu. Generally, the people belonging to the following category are mostly affected:

·    Pregnant women
·    Individuals with heart diseases
·    Babies and
·    Children

Prolonged exposure to CO poisoning might lead to damage of brain, which will ultimately result in death. So, proper treatment should be given for carbon monoxide poisoning. The most effective method of treatment is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, which is also known as HBOT.

Some information regarding hyperbaric therapy for treating carbon monoxide poisoning is given below:

  • The treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning with HBOT therapy is based on the theory that the CO poison in hemoglobin is completely replaced by oxygen.
  • The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy takes just half an hour to treat the patients affected by CO poisoning.
  • HBOT raises the level of oxygen in the body by about 10 times higher than the normal level of oxygen by placing the affected person inside the hyperbaric chamber.
  • This life saving technology is being used by many hospitals nowadays.
  • The main benefit of HBOT therapy is that, this treatment can be given to a dozen people at the same time or even it can be given for a single person as well.
  • Since this treatment can be used for a number of patients at the same time, a group of people affected due to CO poisoning in the same area can be treated effectively.
  • A single-person chamber will have seven feet long clear plastic tube. Here, the patient lies on a padded table, which slides into the tube.
  • Pure oxygen is gradually let into the tube and the patient is asked to breathe normally and relax himself during the treatment.
  • On completion of the treatment, the chamber is slowly depressurized.
  • Normally, the cost of treatment in single-person chamber is less than multiple-person chamber.
  • The great news is the hyperbaric therapy is being covered by many medical insurance policies. So, the patients can relieve themselves from the worry of the cost of treatment.

Some of the sources of carbon monoxide poison include the following:

·    Kerosene space heaters
·    Gas water heaters
·    Cigarette smoke and
·    Boat engine smoke.

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