The Diet that Autistic People must Follow

HBOT for Autism

Autism is one mysterious disorder which still does not have any medical treatment that can cure it completely. Yes there has been a lot of medical assistance that can reduce the impact autism can have on your health but cannot cure it. People have discussed at length about the advancement medical science has made in this field but not many people have spoken largely about the kind of diet that is most suited for the autistic bunch of kids. It is important to also give attention to the kind of food that they will consume because there is a select amount of food that works brilliantly to cure the impacts of autism. Since the focus on food in most cases have gone unnoticed it is important that today we exclusively talk about food and the nutritional benefits food provides to autistic people.

We live to eat

Most people across the globe are big time foodies and they believe that they live to eat, but this phrase is also synonymous with autistic people because recent statistics have shown that around 83% autistic people are big time foodies and they swear by good food. Even if they are foodies it is important that they take care of the nutritional content as well and focus on having food that would benefit them to reduce the effects of autism. Since it is a neurological disorder and a lifelong process there is nothing much that can be done about it except for reducing the effects and impact of autism. So let us now focus on the right diet:

  • The diet for autism is not really a fancy affair and the key to remembering what works and what does not all you need to do is keep a few of the food components away from your meal. To begin with, the first mention in this list would be to keep gluten away from your meal. Confused as to what is gluten? Well, it is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and commercial oats and care must be taken to keep it away from your staple diet to see overwhelmingly good results in the autistic person’s condition.

  • Keeping another protein out from the diet of an autistic person would be casein which is found in large percentage in milk and all other dairy products namely cheese, butter to name a few. Keeping this protein away has shown remarkable improvements in the condition of a person diagnosed with autism.

  • According to reports cited by Autism Research Institute (ARI) parents have stated that using a diet that is gluten and casein free for their autistic kids have shown an average of 69% improvement in their health.

  • Another diet that has started working brilliantly for people down with autism is specific carbohydrate diet that has shown good results in improving the condition of the autistic people. Reports from the study conducted in ARI states that there has been an improvement in the condition of the autistic people by 71%. This diet is a nutritional regimen that is high on carbohydrates to improve your overall health and fight the effects of autism.

  • The food items that you must give a miss would be the usual junk food like candies, cookies, chips and the other roadside junk like hotdogs and burgers. All these does not help in anyway to improve your health condition and if you already have a very delicate health then all this should always be kept at a safe distance away from you.

  • A lot of focus should be on the green veggies not because it has some special benefits towards those suffering from autism but it helps tremendously to maintain the overall health and develop a strong immunity system. Every meal must have a good portion of lots of greens.

This is one of the popular list and the diet chart must be followed by people suffering from autism to see results. This diet chart does not guarantee to completely cure autism but it does assure that it will improve your current condition for the better.

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