Rapamycin May Be A Hope To Combat Autism

As most of the population is suffering from autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and people from the first world countries belonging to the U.S are mostly diagnosed with autism according to the data report of CDC, so we are very much concerned about this incurable brain disorder.   Yes, autism is an incurable brain disease because of its strong genetic basis. And the latest CDC data report says that, 1 out of 68 children is suffering from autistic disabilities. Here are some points we have to know before discussing about autism….

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HBOT helps people breathe life!

HBOT for Autism

Autism is that ill-fated disorder and NOT a disease that often makes you the butt of all jokes in social dos. Why? Because autism is a neurological disorder that affects the social interaction and communication habits of a person. So their inability to speak normally with others often keeps them sidelined from mainstream society. Disheartening, isn’t it? But times are changing and today autistic people are accepted in society because they seem to have turned the tables around in their favor, finally! Many of the MNCs today are looking for…

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