Hyperbaric Chamber: A Miracle Machine


Did you ever feel that we people who live high on the hog are becoming less emotional every day? I mean, do you remember the last time you felt terrible for the people who are suffering from some awful sickness? You don’t remember right! That’s what I thought. But it’s really a blessing that there are still many people who actually feel for the unfortunate ones and try their best to help them. You know I was no better than any other until one of my family member suffered a…

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Hyperbaric Oxygen helping Treating Lyme Disease

HBOT for Autism

Lyme disease is an infection spread by ticks. This infectious illness tends to attack the muscles, tissues and the nervous system and has the potency to trigger cardiac problems along with pain in joints and muscles. On being affected with Lyme disease abnormalities in the nervous system may arise, in fact malfunctioning of the immune system becomes common. Today with Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers doctors are able to administer oxygen therapy to those suffering from it. Aggressive anti-biotic therapy can be of help if the disease is diagnosed at an early…

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