Portable Hyperbaric Chamber or HBOT equipment

Vitaeris 320 - Oxyhealth's Personal Hyperbaric Chambers
Vitaeris 320 - Oxyhealth's Personal Hyperbaric Chambers

Portable hyperbaric chambers are showing up in spas and alternative health clinics across the country. You can even go for a rental hyperbaric chamber or buy one for home use and climb into your pressurized haven as often as you like.

There are portable hyperbaric oxygen  chambers, which are used for home treatment. These are usually referred to as “mild hyperbaric chamber“, which is a reference to the lower pressure of soft-sided chambers. Those commercially available in the USA go up to 4.1 PSI which is equivalent to a water depth of 11 ft. These hyperbaric chambers are operated with oxygen concentrators or with 100% oxygen as the breathing gas.

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers – The Origin :

These portable hyperbaric chambers were originally developed and used for altitude sickness. The benefits of such hyperbaric chamber to a number of other off label conditions such as autism, lyme disease, cancer, stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, cardiac conditions, brain injury, and other immunodeficiency disorders do have research and case studies to substantiated the effectiveness.

Recent studies have also shown that hyperbaric at a lower pressure for a period of 6 months or more is more effective for most conditions as the mild hyperbaric oxygen  chambers have an immune modulating effect and hyperbaric at a higher pressure has a tendency to be immune suppressive over time.

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