Oxygen Therapy in Hyperbaric Chambers can cure Thermal Burns


Thermal burns are severe problems where the tissues undergo multifactorial injuries resulting in hypoxia, edema and susceptibility to serious infections.  Thermal burns occur due to reduced functionality of the white cells. Such conditions are treated with the help of oxygen therapy. The pathophysiological derangement conditions are efficiently treated with HBOT. After a few dives in the Hyperbaric Chambers, the patients experience a significant difference in their health conditions. After researching on the same, experts have concluded that there can’t be a better solution than this. A randomized study has proved that improved healing on thermal burns could be achieved with the help of HBOT therapies.Hyperbaric Chambers

Thermal burns need to be treated almost immediately. HBOt treatements administered on an individual suffering from thermal burns is usually given twice a day. However the span may vary from person to person depending upon the severity and response to HBOT therapy. However the experts see to it that the patient doesn’t have to suffer from physiologic stress.

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