Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for diabetic patients

Diabetes is a disease where the body stops producing insulin, which is essential for converting starches, sugar and other food into energy required for daily activities. The problem with diabetes is that many patients are not at all aware that they have the problem of diabetes. Diabetes leads to several other health problems as well. But, the patients can relieve themselves since there are a number of treatments available to treat diabetes. One such treatment is called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy also called as HBOT.
Some information about the HBOT therapy is given below:

  • Hyperbaric therapy uses 100% pure pressurized oxygen and hyperbaric chambers. The sessions are characterized by making the sufferers breathe pure oxygen inside the chamber.
  • The main problem faced by most of the patients is the diabetic wounds and the oxygen therapy is very much helpful in treating these wounds effectively.
  • The great news for the diabetes patients is that the hyperbaric chambers are available for rent and for sale nowadays and so they can take the treatment even at their home at their most convenient time.
  • The therapy lasts for less than an hour and it is safe as well since the patients do not require any surgery.
  • The treatment is approved by FDA and so the patients can be rest assured of the reduction in the level of diabetes.

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