Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy for autism patients

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, often termed as HBOT is a therapy aimed at treating patients with serious brain injuries, cerebral palsy, internal wounds, internal bleeding, etc. In fact the HBOT method has already gained a lot of attention as one of the most successful method for such intricate treatments having obtained numerous positive and successful results.

Moreover, medical experts have also managed to prove that the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy also manages to heal all kinds of crucial conditions of the brain irrespective of their kind and type. Hence, scientists are starting to think that the HBOT therapy might prove to be helpful for treating autism as well.

Nonetheless, a number of researches and studies conducted on autistic children showed the fact that, autistic kids who were treated with the Hyperbaric Therapy making use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers underwent huge and dramatic improvements. And these changes were visible in a mere period of just 11 regular treatments that lasted for at the most 30 minutes at a stretch. In the initial stages the treatment period for the HBOT therapy was 40 minutes to 1 hour. But as later on autistic children started showing fewer outbursts and decreased convulsion with reduced number of rage attacks doctors preferred to continue the treatment for 30 minutes which was proving to be more than enough. With the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy backing up, autistic children soon started portraying better interaction and communication skills and hence thrived better and mingled better in the social environment around. In fact the speech articulation process was also fastened as more and more children became comfortable with speaking without showing much signs of anxiety.

Autism is basically a neuropsychological disorder which tends to surface within the 3 years of age of a child. It is a disorder that has a genetic foundation but still scientists are not really sure about the exact reason that leads to autism. Moreover, the probable cures of this disease are also not known. Medical experts have tried treating autism with changed diet supplements, psychotropic medications and various other processes. But till now the Hyperbaric Therapy is one method that has managed to show the best results and the highest levels of improvement in autistic children.

As a part of this method of therapy, hyperbaric chambers are employed to pressurize oxygen which forces the plasma and the red blood cells in the body of the patient to carry an extended amount of oxygen and distribute it all around the body. This leads to fast healing of damaged cells and tissue in the brain along with effective restoration of cells as well.

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