HBOT Therapy together with action sports

MMA phenom Frank “TwinkleToes” Trigg and Oxy Health Portable Hyperbaric unite to enhance Trigg’s training methods by endorsing Trigg to the use of one of their superior technological hyperbaric units for high altitude training in low altitudes.

Frank Trigg states, “The Hyperbaric unit was a ‘cinch’ to set up and took me less than one hour. I feel like a million dollars and attribute my current conditioning in a large part to the unit itself.” Trigg goes on to state, “I’d also like to thank Reinaldo Binns with ‘Dreaming for the Cure foundation’ for supplying me with Pure Oxygen to enhance the gym work outs at a 90% oxygen level. This all in my opinion will help me beat down the little troll ‘Serra’ Feb 6th 2010 at the Mandalay Event Center.”

How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) work?

Hyperbaria — Increased atmospheric pressure as a means of increasing oxygen uptake without an enriched oxygen source, Hyperoxia — Increased total oxygen content, this in turn helps the body recover faster from injury as well as helps create superior conditioning. By placing someone in a 3 psi pressure hyperbaric environment, the increase in atmospheric pressure at sea level goes from 760 mm Hg to 915 mm Hg.

This increase in gas pressure increases the partial pressure of the oxygen gas and thus forces more oxygen to be dissolved in the plasma. This saturation of oxygen in the blood, due to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT, allows the extra oxygen to be diffused or transported to the surrounding body tissues. Thus, oxygen transport by plasma is significantly increased under hyperbaric therapy (HBOT).

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