HBOT can treat CPP along with ASD

Hyperbaric Chamber

The term autism is now known to everyone, so we don’t need to waste time by saying what autism is. But, what we need to find out is the cure or treatment of this neuropsychiatric disorder, though it is strongly genetic. This genetic issue doesn’t come with a single disorder, but with a spectrum of disorders.

So, it is very essential to find out how to treat autism.

Different studies and researches have been done, but we are still advised to go for

  • Behavioural intervention
  • Language therapy
  • ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis)
  • Physical therapy (for motor skill disorder)

We are still searching for a treatment which will uproot this disorder, along with the behavioural or social skill impairments. The treatment must work directly with the impaired brain tissues to rip off autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) from its root.

As per the study to treat cerebral perfusion or CPP (Cerebral Perfusion Pressure), researchers found that regular sessions of HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) can be best to treat CPP.

Here a question may arise that, we were discussing about autism, then why are we talking of CPP treatment?


What is CPP?

To get that point we should know a little bit of CPP. It is commonly known as Cerebral Perfusion Pressure. The pressure due to cerebral blood flow can be a reason of ICP (Intracranial pressure). Not only that, but it can also be a reason to cause the ischemic condition of brain tissue.


Link between CPP and Autism:

This ischemic condition of brain due to CPP also results in autistic symptoms. The symptoms shown by children with the cerebral perfusion are listed below.

  • Problem to react with facial expression
  • Repetitive behaviour
  • Language disability

The thing does not end here. Like autism, if cerebral perfusion is not treated, then these autistic symptoms can turn into chronic symptoms gradually with age.

Here we can go through a report, made by Kinaci et al.


Study report with hyperbaric medicinal support:

The study to treat autism as well as cerebral perfusion, was done with 108 children. At the very beginning, the MRI scan was done of the 108 participants with cerebral perfusion, who were previously diagnosed with autism. The 108 children were under observation with HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). The hyperbaric medicine, with specially designed hyperbaric chambers, was applied for 60 minutes with 1.5 atm/100% oxygen per day.

Hyperbaric Chamber
Hyperbaric Chamber

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After completion of 50 sessions, the MRI scan was done of those 108 children.

Post HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) treatment, scan result showed an improvement of temporal lobe and frontal lobe perfusion. Not only that, but behavioral improvements along with improvement in social skill activities, were also noticed after the 50 HBOT sessions.


Additional support of HBOT:

Besides solving different behavioural issues of autism, the hyperbaric medicine with its high oxygen pressure, can reduce inflammation along with the oxidative stress. These two are also equally responsible to cause autism. So, hyperbaric medicine with specially designed hyperbaric chambers, is now getting clinical approval to treat autism.

This study with 108 ASD children, is a study with a large number of participants. So, there is no need to hesitate to go for HBOT.

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