Fight Skin Problems With Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, another manifestation of conventional hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is being upheld and championed as the latest innovative treatment procedure in the field on medical science. It has provided a substantial reason for many patients, suffering from incurable health conditions, to get some relief from the burden of their pain. It is an innovative process of treatment that involves inhaling pure and unmixed oxygen in a specially engineered pressurized compartment known as hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The whole idea of this treatment procedure is premised on the law of physics that proven that the amount of gaseous element that dissolves in a liquid is perfectly proportional to the amount of pressure put on it. It implies that the pressure of the chamber will increase the amount of oxygen which gets absorbed in the body’s fluid by nearly ten times. Although even more amount of oxygen might get dissolved in the body’s blood plasma if the pressure is increased, but for the mild hyperbaric therapy, the prescribed level of pressure is 1.5 ATA.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has the potential to cure and better the condition of many critical health problems. There are many patients whose wound healing process has worsened and decelerated by their health problem, making them to be a perfect choice for availing this therapy. Sometimes patients with high level of diabetes develop skin problems, which can be effectively tackled with the help of this therapy by exposing the affected body part to the highly oxygenated environment. This therapy also renders remarkable service to heal the skin problems which is caused by the malicious functioning of aerobic or anaerobic bacteria. Delicate skin tissues become the victim of their attack and runs the risk of getting potentially harmed by them. Sufficient oxygen supply to the affected parts can ensure that the pernicious effect of the bacteria attacks can be properly managed and the rate of their activities can be mitigated.

Lack of oxygen supply in sufficient amount can breed a number of skin problems, where hyperbaric oxygen therapy becomes mandatory. Bacterias which attack skin in full vigor and unleashes their entire harmful effect, becomes fully functional in that part of our skin which is deprived of the proper oxygen supply. Scarcity of oxygen supply creates the kind of atmosphere that is the most suitable for the performance of such harmful organisms. But after the patient is placed inside the hyperbaric chamber, the oxygen-rich atmosphere bars the growth and performance of the germs and helps the body’s defense mechanism to come out of stupor. When a strong restrain is exerted on the growth of the bacterias, the level of toxic elements that they produce are also brought some notches down. By that time, body wields its defensive shield, fight the infections and return to the normal state of health.

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