Autism – A Recent Study

April 2 has been declared as the World Autism Awareness Day in U.N.

When this disease touches, a forever question – why it happened? And how can I help my child becomes regular questions.


Though the answer is not known to me even, however from a recent study I came across with some news that I am to discuss today. This is totally mysterious disorder of the nerve. The recent study of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that every 1 child among 110 children is autistic.

In March there were evidence found stating the relation between the preservatives that contains mercury in the vaccines and autism. However this was not at all persuasive. As a result of which compensation were not provided to the autistic children.

Many physicians are of the opinion that the HBOT therapy can cure the disease. Moreover it can be trusted, as it doesn’t involve any medications. So there is no question of the side effects of the drugs.

Again in February, a notorious report was published. This again linked the MMR vaccine (mumps and rubella) with the autism and this time digestive disorder too was also in the list.

There are many studies that clearly states that medical malpractice can lead to the followings –

  1. Fail to work properly.
  2. Loss in the wages.
  3. Disability on a permanent basis.
  4. Loss of the quality
  5. Increase in the medical expenses.
  6. Chronic pain accompanied by emotional trauma.

Autism is increasing every day. Previously it was 1 in every 150, but recent study shows it as 1 in every 110 or even 90 (according to some of the reports). Rather than giving a think to the medication, if possible HBOT treatment can be used. The disease in 4 times common in boys in comparison to the girls.

Records also state that proper autism treatment (in the early stage) improves the IQ, communicational skills, and adaptive behavior even in the 18 months old child.

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