HBOT Can Improve Autism – Is It a Myth or Reality?

hyperbaric therapy autism

It is since 2004 that hyperbaric therapy has been in application to treat autistic patients, and there have been several reports which depict improvement in patient conditions after going through a number of sessions of this therapy. The effective benefits of HBOT have gradually raised its popularity, and in many cases it has created magic where medical therapies failed. Nowadays, parents often prefer applying hyberbaric therapy as a complementary treatment on their kids along with prescribed medications after consulting with doctors. Therefore, let’s know more on HBOT and Autism: What…

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Make your Scuba Diving Safe & Enjoyable with Personal Hyperbaric Chamber

Personal hyperbaric chamber

It is known to all the scuba divers that decompression sickness is a great danger while diving in the open water. Decompression sickness is known as “the bends”, “divers disease” and “caisson disease”. If you are interested in scuba diving but do not know much about decompression sickness, before going for scuba diving, you must know everything about it. A personal hyperbaric chamber can help the divers to recover from decompression sickness. But before going to this discussion, let’s know more about the sickness. What is this decompression sickness? Decompression…

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HBOT Offers A Beacon Of Hope To Diabetics With Ulcers

Diabetics With Ulcers

Diabetes has rightly been termed “the mother of all diseases”. This is one of the reasons why patients feel apprehensive about what lies ahead in their lives when they come to know that they are diabetic. If the high level of glucose in the bloodstream is not kept under control, it can gradually go on to be the underlying cause of a host of other chronic diseases or complications. This can have serious consequences for diabetics sooner or later. Diabetic wounds constitute one such complication which may require an amputation…

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5 Health Conditions that can be Treated with HBOT

HBOT chamber vitaeris

Our body is like an automated machine. It needs oxygen to function just like a machine needs a fuel to operate. Unlike machines, the human body has the capacity to heal a condition on its own. However, this depends upon the supply of oxygen to cells and tissues, the more the better. A disease, an injury, or aging besets the process of supply of oxygen. This causes undesirable changes and affects certain parts of the body. The key is to supply oxygen adequately to the affected parts of the body…

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Rejuvenated Joe Namath

In the decades following, the researchers uncovered that HBOT was effective in treating a number of conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, autism, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and brain trauma. A pioneer in the field of hyperbaric medicine, William S. Maxfield, M.D., said Newsmax Health that HBOT is the best-kept secret in medicine in the U.S. How HBOT helped Joe Namath A quarterback of the Hall of Fame, Namath, reported that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy rejuvenated him. The 71 year old icon of New York Jet said that he suffered a few…

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Experience On HBOT Suggests it as Reliable Therapy

Patient under HBOT

Have you heard of oxygen therapy? Yes, there is a therapy which is designed to treat many diseases. Not only that, but if a treatment does reduce the surgical pain and cost, then patients will definitely love it. Yes, we are talking about the oxygen therapy or HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). Hyperbaric medicine is designed to treat multiple diseases. A patient from Chennai shared his own experience on how hyperbaric medicine reduced his pain and surgery cost. Patient’s story on experiencing HBOT:                                              Image courtesy: It is the story…

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Stem Cells Can Help in Autism Discovery

Stem Cell

When the topic comes on the children’s health issues and future of the nation, the subject autism comes first in our mind. If anyone asks the reason behind this, then he or she seems like out of mind or world. Autism is the only one neuropsychiatric disorder, which is incurable as it is strongly genetic, and comes with different social skill disorders. Besides social skill impairments, motor skills are also disturbed or hampered in some cases of autistic individuals. Point to be Noted: The first point to note about it…

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Early Diagnosis & HBOT Help Autistic Children To Stay In Old School

autistic children

Autism, which is a widespread neurological disorder, is found in 1 out of 68 children based on CDC data report of 2010. Autism is a neurological disorder that appears with symptoms like nonverbal communication, stereotyped or repetitive behavior and cognitive disabilities. In one sentence, a child with autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) suffers from a lot of social skill impairments. So, early diagnosis can help in recognizing children with autistic symptoms and it also can help to take action at very early stage to fight back against autism with…

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Maternal Thyroid Dysfunction Can Be A Cause Of Autism And ADHD

Autism, a neurological disorder, is not only based on genetic. Besides genetic, recent studies found some evidences on cellular level with immune cell malfunctions, mitochondrial malfunctions etc. But most strong evidence is identification of some genetic markers specific for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders). That is why autism is called strongly genetic. Apart from that, a recent study on diagnosis and treatment of maternal thyroid disorder with susceptibility to autism and ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in their offspring was conducted by Stine Linding Andersen and his colleagues. It suggests a correlation…

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Ways to Detect Autism Early in a Kid’s Life

A lot has already been said about how autism is on the rise and the things that parents and doctors should keep in mind to ensure that a control is put on this neurological disorder. The other reason for worry is also the fact that the early signs are found out or detected at a very later stage. The only problem for detecting those signs so late is that it delays the medical treatment that needs to be practiced on the kids with the expectation that their condition will improve….

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