An Overview Of HBOT Therapy And HBOT Chambers


Synonymously known as re-compression or decompression chamber, a HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) chamber is a sealed high-pressure oxygen bedchamber used for treating conditions like autism, carbon monoxide poisoning, gas embolism, tissue injury caused by radiation therapy, gas gangrene from anaerobic bacterial infection and a variety of other conditions caused by limited oxygen supply to body parts.

Here are some of the useful results of undergoing HBOT therapy

Hyperoxygenation: This therapy guarantees a marked increase in oxygen content in lymphatic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and blood plasma, thereby stimulating the recovery process of damaged cells and tissues.

Neovascularization: This therapy stimulates the formation of blood vessels (angiogenesis) and connective tissues (collagen) in specific body parts which previously had limited blood supply.

Antimicrobial activity enhanced by Hyperoxia: HBOT therapy effectively reduces and eliminates harmful effects of bacteria, viruses, yeast and toxic substances by augmenting the oxygen content in the damaged tissues and cells.

Immune response triggered by Hyperoxia: This therapy remarkably improves the capacity of white blood corpuscles to fight infections and heal wounds. HBOT is also effective for reducing inflammations and swelling.

How Does This Therapy Effectively Treat So Many Conditions?

The explanation is rather simple. With this therapy, there is a remarkable increase in the oxygen level within tissues and cells. With the restoration of oxygen to these damaged parts, there is a revival of many of the lost functions. There is also considerable reduction in swelling and inflammation in the brain and other damaged body parts.

A Little Info on Mild and Hard HBOT therapy

While mild HBOT therapies are conducted under lower atmospheric pressures, ranging from 1.3 to 1.5 ATA, hard therapies are conducted under higher levels of pressure, those which are generally above 1.5 ATA. Portable hyperbaric chambers are generally used for conducting mild therapies, while multiplace or monoplace hyperbaric chambers are well suited for hard therapies conducted under 100% atmospheric pressure.

HBOT therapy offers a wide range of benefits for patients suffering from oxygen deficiency in different body parts. Conducted under expert supervision, the therapy sessions can definitely improve health conditions

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